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Name:Sudhir Hasbe
Location:Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

I work for Microsoft as Program Manager and am doing my MBA from UNC Chapel Hill. I am married to one of the most beautifull woman in the world. Her name is Swati. I love her green eyes but now they are changing to brown..:( But I still love her.

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Clients I have worked with over last 8 years..

No Name Website Location Area of work Details Coming Soon
1 Altera San Jose,CA RFID Solution Proposed
2 Anderson Windows Baymont,MN ERP Enhancement Solution Implemented
3 BAS USA Philadelphia,PA Outsourcing Outsourcing Implemented
4 Baumer Electric Switzerland Integrations Solution Implemented
5 BIO Rad Hercules,CA Cordys Integration Proposal Solution Proposed
6 Boeing Salt Lake City,UT RFID, Data collection Solution Proposed
7 CKD Japan Integrations Solution Proposed
8 Cordys Netherlands Integrations Corporate Strategy Discussions
9 Dana Corporation Charlotte,NC Integrations Solution Proposed
10 Densei Lambda Japan B2B Portal Solution Implemented
11 Dunmore Corp Bristol, PA Integrations Solution Proposed
12 ESS Toronto,Canada Web Portal Solution Implemented
13 eXited Consulting Switzerland Switzerland RFID, Integrations, Data Collection Roadshows, Partnersip discussions
14 Ferag Switzerland Integrations Solution Proposed
15 Flexco Downers Grove,IL B2B Portal Solution Implemented
16 Formed Fiber Technologies Auburn,ME Data Collection Solution Implemented
17 Foxboro Foxboro,MA Integrations Solution Implemented
18 Gildermeister-Deckel Maho Germany Integrations Solution Proposed
19 Government of lower Saxony Germany Integrations Solution Implemented
20 Grove Shady Grove,PA Web Portal Solution Proposed
21 HP Consulting Germany Integrations Solution Proposed
22 Huber-Suhner Switzerland Integrations Solution Implemented
23 Ibaya Mumbai,India Mobile Commerce Solution Implemented(First in India)
24 IBM San Jose,CA Integrations Solution Implemented for customers
25 Ingersol Rand Charlotte,NC RFID Solution Proposed
26 International Truck and Engine Columbus,OH RFID Solution Proposed
27 Invensys Building Systems Rockford,IL Integrations Solution Implemented
28 Invensys Powerware Raleigh,NC Integrations Solution Implemented
29 Koelliker Italy Integrations Solution Implemented
30 Komatsu Japan Integrations Solution Implemented
31 Komatsu Canada Mississauga,Canada Integrations Solution to be Implemented
32 KPN-Telecom Netherlands Integrations Solution Implemented
33 Manitowoc Manitowoc,WI Web Portal Solution Proposed
34 Marcam Boston,MA Integrations Solution Proposed
35 Menlo Logistics Redwood city,CA Outsourcing Outsourcing Proposed
36 Mercedes Tuscaloosa, AL Integrations Solution Proposed
37 Metso Paper Finland Integrations Solution Impemented
38 Microsoft Redmond,WA RFID  Solution currently working on
39 Moog Blacksburg VA Integrations Solution Proposed
40 NDS Denver,CO TakeOver TakeOver Analysis
41 Nortel Networks RTP,NC Integrations Solution Implemented
42 Otis Germany Integrations Solution Proposed
43 Russel Store Candy Denver,CO Integrations Solution Implemented
44 Seimens Raleigh,NC Integrations Solution Proposed
45 Symbol Technologies Oakland,CA Partnership Partnership, Co-ordination
46 Snecma France Integrations Solution Implemented
47 Solectron San Jose,CA Integrations Solution Implemented
48 SSA Baan Netherlands Integrations Partnership, Co-ordination
49 TIC Gums Belcamp,MD RFID Solution Proposed
50 Tioga Pipe Philadelphia,PA Outsourcing, Integrations Outsourcing implemented, Project Implementation
51 Tokyo Electron Japan Japan Data Collection Solution Implemented
52 Tokyo Electron USA Austin, Tx Integrations Solution Implemented
53 Tracey Road Syracuse,NY Integrations Solution Being Implemented
54 US Holdings Orlando,Florida Integrations Solution Implemented
55 Wacker Corporation Milwaukee, WI Integrations Solution Implemented
56 Watermark Switzerland Data Collection Partnership, Co-ordination
57 Weyerhaeuser Charlotte,NC Integrations Solution Implemented
58 Yorozu Vicksburg, MS ERP Implementation, Data Collection Solution Implemented